Giriş Tarihi : 19-03-2021 23:23   Güncelleme : 19-03-2021 23:23

82 Irregular Afghan Immigrants Captured in Urfa

82 Afghan nationals who entered the country illegally in Şanlıurfa and traveled to western provinces by bus were caught with the meticulous work of police department teams.

82 Irregular Afghan Immigrants Captured in Urfa

Receiving the information that illegal immigrants are coming to Hilvan District of Şanlıurfa, the teams took action.

82 Afghan people were caught in the bus, which was stopped at the search point.

The driver of the bus, the two people sitting next to him, and the other vehicle, which was found to be leading the bus, were detained.

While the legal proceedings regarding the incident were continuing, 5 Turkish citizens caught were referred to the courthouse on the charge of smuggling of immigrants.

The investigation continues.